Sunday, 15 December 2013

Fun Day with the Students from Delhi Public School

Students from Delhi Public School visit Nav- Jeevan

Last week, 200 children of 3rd grade from Delhi Public School visited Nav- Jeevan. They had prepared, skits, dances and songs and the Nav- Jeevan students presented some dances and songs as well after the visiting students had looked at the school and went to some classes.


Shalini Sumre, a teacher at Delhi Public School, organised this projet as a lesson on value education. She wanted the students of Delhi Public School to learn how to share with, help and care about people who have been born in circumstances that are not as lucky as theirs are. 

For this purpose, the students from Delhi Public School brought three big boxes of toilettries for the children of NJS.
Below, you can see the boxes full of soap, toothpaste, washing soap, hair oil and shampoo.

We are very glad that the studens from Delhi Public School visited Nav- Jeevan and spent such a nice time with us! We would like to thank them again for coming and bringing such kind donations!

Monday, 9 December 2013

Kalpana- An Honest Girl From Nav- Jeevan

Hostel girl is rewarded for honesty


This is Kalpana Uikey. She is 10 years old and studies in 3rd English Medium.

Being a tribal child she has one of the poorest backgrounds of the children in Nav- Jeevan. This is why she was given new clothes when Nav- Jeevan received a kind clothes donation. 

In her new pants, Kalpana found 200 Rupees which is more money than she has ever posessed. Nevertheless, she came to Vicky, the Principal of Nav- Jeevan, to tell her about what she found and to give the money back. Everyone was impressed with her honesty. 

This is why she was honoured on the fete that Nav- Jeevan celebrated last week and was given a bar of chocolate.

But Kalpana does not only come from a family that can barely feed its children - when she was only five years old and her brother Karan was a baby their mother ran away and abandoned her children. 
No one has ever told them why she decided to do so. They stay with their father Akkal who is a small farmer and their grandmother Bhaddo. Although their 17 year old sister Sarita works as a maid in Nagpur and their grandmother works, too, the crop that the small rice field generates is barely enough to feed the family.
Karan and Kalpana were sent to NJS by the same teacher who brought all the other tribal children to the school. The siblings have been staying in the school for two years now and are very happy and grateful to be here.

Coming from such a poor background Kalpana and Karan can stay in Nav- Jeevan's hostel and study at the school for free. Because of having to cover the costs of children whose families are too poor to pay fees Nav- Jeevan depends on donations and on sponsors who give one of these great children access to a shelter, food, education and medical care.

If you would like to donate to Nav- Jeevan or become a sponsor for a child, please feel free to contact us! We will be most happy to give you further information and help you!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Celebrating Krishna's Birthday

Dancing in school

Krishna's birthday is one of many Indian holidays so the kids could take one day off. Unfortunately, this was at the same time the day on which we had to say goodbye to Alice and Pascale. Hence it turned into a quite sad day for some of them. Especially Sahil and Premchand were very sad about the gils leaving.

But when Nav- Jeevan turned into a huge dancing hall to celebrate Krishna's birthday, all boys and girls went crazy.

For about two hours everybody celebrated Krishna's Birthday by dancing, singing and enjoying themselves.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Fete at NJS- children eating and having fun!

On Saturday, there was a big celebration at Nav- Jeevan: a fete for which teachers brought different kind of foods that the students could buy. Before, they had to change their money for coupons with which they could buy the food. Almost every child had saved some money for this fete but those who did not have any money got some coupons for free.

Mary Teacher brought noodles

 Rashmi Teacher selling her Bhel that everyone enjoyed



Mohan buys one of Manu Aunty's sandwiches

Muskan and her brother Sohail are enjoying the icecream that was a favourite among the students.

In total, Nav- Jeevan earned 4606 Rupees this Saturday. Most of the money will be used to buy a new playing device for Nav- Jeevan's playground! Thank you to all the teachers for participating and for preparing the delicious food!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Advent Calendar

Children Preparing Gifts for their Friends at the Hostel!

For the Nav- Jeevan Advent Calendar every child came up with a small gift for one of its friends. Be it a small poem or a nice drawing, everything is possible in order to make the kids smile when they open their package.

This little girl is very happy about the gift given to her yesterday. It was her turn on the 2nd of December and together with five other children belonging to her group she opened the little Christmas balloon package no. 2!

The calendar hangs in the dining hall. In this way, the children look at it every day and their anticipation increases day by day. They have to be very patient until the day comes on which it is their tun to open their package.

Neesha, the warden at NJS, helps out and coordinates the distribution. She makes sure that the children receive the gift that was meant for them.

Nav- Jeevan Sanstha wishes all of you a happy advent season!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sewing Class at Nav-Jeevan

Sewing Classes at NJS

in collaboration with CRTDP

Smita David, a governmental recognised craft teacher who works for the NGO CRTDP in Nagpur, will from now on teach the Nav-Jeevan children sewing. They charge us no money for the sewing classes. Nav Jeevan only bears the transportation costs. Those are taken care of by two former volunteers, Alice and Pascal. 

The children enjoyed learning how to sew a bound hem.
We provided Smita with the required material.
  Classes will take place every Friday from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

Thank you to Smita for teaching our children how to sew and to Alice and Pascale for covering the transportation costs!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Field Trip to an Old Age Home

Today, the students from 7th class visited the old age home at Mure Memorial Hospital.

Mrs. Manju, a volunteer and teacher, came up with this great idea to have the students visit elderly and deprived people in order to teach the students the concept of doing a good deed. 

The students were very excited and eager to help in the old age home and cut some fruits after thouroughly washing their hands.

The children and the elderly got a chance to bond! 

Ms. Rashmi, their class teacher, also assisted them.

Everyone participating in such a great way made this a great day for both students and residents of the old age home!